Broomfield Hospital ICU

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  • Alasdair   ( 1 Article )
  • Chris   ( 5 Articles )

    chris_tempMy name is Chris Wright and I work as a consultant anaesthetist at Broomfield hospital. Being a gasman puts me in charge of everything gaseous on the ride particularly Co2.
    I first became heavily interested in cycling when my now wife bought me a road bike as an engagement present. Since then I put in enough miles and hours to justify the purchase of some high pedigree Italian carbon to sit on. Ah ….. the miles are much easier now.
    I agreed to do this ride in a moment of weakness in the clubhouse after a round of golf with Kevin Kiff ..... surely ten days golf would have been easier.

    Despite this I am looking forward to the ride. It will be a great achievement and should be fun with the team we have.
    Most importantly its for a fantastic cause close to our hearts.

    I will have fantastic support from my family Caroline Beth Archie and Laurence with frequent telephone calls and texts, which will help during the hard times.
    Happy pedalling




  • Kevin   ( 10 Articles )

    kevin blog

    I have been described as too big for a bike or, more commonly, a sail that catches any head wind. Good news for anyone behind me since the hole inthe air will be significant, making cycling easier in my lee. The bad news for my fellow cycling adventurers is that I am likely to be at the back!

    Cycling to John O'Groats has been done, but coming back as well.... Most have described this as daft! Why are we attempting this madness? Well the money that we are raising makes the journey palatable but there is also the "nutter" factor that resonates some where in us all. The cameraderie and bonds that are made on this trip will last many years and in the words of that great philosopher Vinnie Jones, "it will be emotional".

    Training for this event has had an effect on both us and our families. By the time we get back I will have cycled over 6000 kilometers in 2008 alone.
    I must thank my wife Michelle for her patience, support and leg rubs.

    Another point of interest is that the charity effort has palpably raised morale at work. Broomfield ICU has a reputation for clinical excellence that has been earned over many years but just at the moment, the whole NHS is taking a bit of a thumping and we have had to roll with the punches too.
    However, since the launch of this appeal people are pulling together, thinking creatively and supporting each other and I thank everyone for their help and efforts. Special thanks to Ben for stepping in to drive the support vehicle at the last minute.

    As a last comment and speaking for the whole team, it is a real shame that Alasdair is not able to be cycling with us. Perhaps we will repeat it all again next year! Errrrrr... Maybe not.


  • Matt   ( 3 Articles )


    Hi, my name is Matt and I work as a Staff Nurse on the ICU.
    I was brought up in a cycling household and have ridden bikes since I could. My favourite bit in The Great Escape is when James Coburn makes it to Spain on a bicycle.
    I'm truely excited about this upcoming adventure: a chance to raise a few quid whilst journeying up and down this land by bike couldn't be turned down.
    How the whole thing came to be is a little unclear in my mind, although I blame Kevin.... I suggest that you do the same.






  • Leon   ( 5 Articles )


    Hi, my name is Leon Smolen and I'm one of the cyclist's on this Charity event to raise money for our ICU at Broomfield Hospital, where I work as an ODP in the operating theatre.
    After working in King George Hospital in Goodmayes for 9 years, I returned to Broomfield Hospital and started cycling to work every day. After a few months of that, the rides in got longer and longer, then I walked in to Chelmer Cycles and was hooked; I became a fully paid up Lycra clad, clipped in cycling addict ... as my wife and children will vouch.
    So …. having first obtained approval from Sue wife, Kevin suggested we do this ride (he kept the "and back again" very quiet) and I am very happy to be part of it.