Broomfield Hospital ICU

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Here are the answers to the quiz.

1. The site of an Anglo Saxon burial. Broomfield
2. An elevated Christian festival. High Easter
3. There is a Motte and Bailey castle here. Pleshey
4. A chef’s childhood home. Clavering
5. Feline’s value. Catsworth
6. Remove a field. Takeley
7. Either a writer or a singer. Elton
8. Where the second smallest cathedral in the country is. Chelmsford
9. Will you be buying Pork Scratchings here? Bacon End
10. Unattractive. Ugley
11. A shortened football team’s cave. Manuden
12. A south London suburb. Croydon
13. Found in a candle. Wick
14. A toy manufacturer. Hornby
15. A 1920 Cowboy film. Old Weston
16. A painful attempt Sawtry
17. Colourless crossing. Wansford
18. Here, if you look you will find an imp. Lincoln
19. Corvid territory. Cropland
20. A small capital city. Little London
21. Finally reach a river crossing. Gainford
22. A weighty precipitation. Rainton
23. A place where a woman cannot go. Mansfield
24. A wartime leaders Christian name. Winston
25. A south London football team. Charlton
26. The largest reservoir in England. Kielder
27. A beach dwelling secured by a heavy weight. Sand Huton
28. It is very prickly. Thorny
29. An American resort? Boston Spa
30. An overflowing stream. Fulbeck
31. Island in the South Atlantic. Falkland
32. An ecclesiastical Building that is now on the market. Selkirk
33. A royal wall. Kings Muir
34. I doubt if they will stop to buy a carpet here. Wilton
35. A man running an errand.Cadonfoot
36. Going over hot coals. Walkerburn
37. A poet stood in contemplation here. Milton Bridge
38. An invading army passed here. Romanby
39. They will know the value of this joint by the end of the ride. Kneesworth
40. Playing card manufacturer. Waddington
41. They will not be able to stop here to put on a bet. Wetherby
42. An environmentally friendly tool that is rather heavy. Green Hammerton
43. Pristine but false. Newsham
44. They are going so fast that their footwear catches fire! Sockburn
45. We are all this. Bourne
46. A colourless area Blanchland
47. A spell cast by an amateur. Hexham
48. Looked at a branched structure. Saughtree
49. A gatekeeper. Warden
50. Make a hole in a game of cards. Pierce Bridge
51. A melodious valley. Singdean
52. A rather dusty church. Ashkirk
53. A valley where hair may be found. Glentress
54. A 19th century battle. Waterloo
55. All this way and Jack only got four pence! John O’ Groats
56. Achillea millefolium. Yarrow
57. Does the author of the “Harry Palmer” books live here? Deighton
58. A royal crossing. Queensferry
59. An annoyed entrance. Cross Gates
60. A grim harvest. Heydour
61. Also an Australian city. Perth
62. Add a letter and it will be spoilt. Tain
63. Here they will be able to stop peddling for a little while. Downhill
64. An Indian legume that may neigh. Dalwinnie
65. Windmill. Moulin
66. A throne. Kingseat
67. He met Dr. Livingstone. Stanley
68. Pork found in paradise. Edenham
69. I did not know that a rapier would take a drink. Swordale
70. A forest. Woodlands
71. A percussion instrument. Drum
72. An abbreviated American state where they make wine. Calvine
73. If you play an oboe you will use one of these. Reed
74. Found on a rose bush. Thorne
75. A goose with a horse bit. Brent Pelham